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About dealdaaku

Q. What is dealdaaku? What’s in it for me?

Ans. dealdaaku is a platform where online shoppers from all around can explore, buy, review latest online unique deals and also share them with each other.

We work really hard day in and day out to help bring you the best unique bargains in town; give you genuine reviews on stores and sellers; offer you some expert shopping/celebration/splurging advice; and help to make your and loved ones every day, the most amazing day ever. Furthermore, you can also post reviews, begin new discussions on our blog’s comment section, ask questions and voice your opinions on topics apart from deals as well. We love to make you love your every day!

Q. How does dealdaaku work? 


  1. Select: Search and select your desired Deal from a wide range of categories.
  2. Pass it on: Share the Deals with your friends, family and make the most of your city with collective buying power!
  3. Buy: Snap up your desired deal by clicking on the “Add To Cart”/ “Buy Now” button to buy a voucher.
  4. Easy Pay: you need to pay-a-little amount of the deal on the website or the app (by choosing any of the payment methods listed on the website) and rest to the merchant through cash or card, as per the merchant’s requirement.
  5. Experience: Your voucher will be send to your registered Email and Mobile Number from your dealdaaku account. Enjoy your voucher and discover a new side to your city!
  6. No printout required: Show your voucher on your mobile phone or on our mobile app for iOS or Android and mention your mobile number registered with dealdaaku to the merchant when you redeem your voucher. Save paper and enjoy the convenience of buying and redeeming dealdaaku vouchers on the go!

However, we suggest you to call and confirm about your offer status prior to your visit to the respective store for smooth redemption process.

Q. How can I search for a deal on a particular thing of my choice?

Ans. If you want to search for a particular deal of a specific brand, here’s how you can find the best deal for what you want:


Click on Category button to explore the wide range of categories we deal in. Select a particular category in which your desired deal might fall in, explore all the latest deals and buy or gift the deals you like.


No matter where you are on the dealdaaku website, you will find a Search Box on top. Type any store, brand or deal you want to search with/without a specific location constraint and click on Search button. This will open all the relevant deals under your mentioned category. Select and buy/gift all that you like!

The Daaku Style:

We, at dealdaaku, do not want to keep you waiting to find the perfect deal! Hence, we sincerely do our homework and keep updated lists of best deals based on different criteria’s.

The Trending Deals is an inventory of Chartbuster deals that will make your day!

The Hot Deals is a customized playlist of Deals that you cannot ignore!

The New Arrivals provide you with a list of newly added amazing deals that have been specially handcrafted and compiled by us for you.

Most Visited Deals are a catalogue of deals that have been majorly viewed and are undoubtedly a must try!


Q. What are Trending Deals and Hot Deals?


Trending Deals:  Trending Deals are the top deals/offers of the day, currently trending among shoppers.

Hot Deals: These are the most recent offers and deals, which have become popular among the users in a very short time.

Q. I like a deal being displayed - how do I get it?

Ans. Shopping at dealdaaku is very easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the deal that you like and read the deal description and fine print thoroughly as it contains important deal information such as the voucher validity period and redemption instructions.
  2. Don’t forget to enter the Location of store where you want to avail the deal. 
  3. If you wish to purchase the deal, click ‘Add To Cart/Buy Now’ button.
  4. Log in to your account and enter your details. If you are a new user, fill in the Sign Up form to create your account with dealdaaku. 
  5. Check that all information is correct and click on "submit order".
Q. I have a question about a deal – how do I get it?

Ans. You can find all the information about the deal on the original deal page where you bought your voucher, or on the voucher itself. On the deal page, it shows you how many people have recommended the deal; how many reviews have been written about it by shoppers and what is the average star rating it has received.

Q. What if I want to know about a particular store?

Ans. Click on the store name printed on the Coupon or search and select the store directly in the search box. When you click on any of the store names, you are taken to that particular store’s page. Here you will find everything about the store in a glance. It shows you list of Deals offered by the store, how many people have recommended the store; how many reviews have been written about it by shoppers and what is the average star rating it has received.

Click on ‘Reviews’ button and you will be able to see all the reviews written by users, who have shopped deals of the store, along with the individual ratings they have given to the store. To write your own review for the store, you have the option of ‘Write Review’.

Q. What if I want to know about a particular merchant?

Ans. If your question is about the merchant, the quickest and easiest way to find answers is usually to contact them directly, as they tend to have the most accurate information about their own services. You can find contact details and/or a web address on the voucher.

Q. I like a deal/store. Can I rate it?

Ans. Of course! dealdaaku appreciates and encourages people to voice their opinions, especially in case of online shopping and saving money. So, you can definitely rate/review a store/deal if you like or dislike it.

On every store detail page, you will find a Review button. Click on it to share your reviews about the store/deal. Also, you can rate a store by selecting a number of stars as per your choice.

You can also read Reviews from other people in the same section.


Q. How long do I have to buy a deal?

Ans. All dealdaaku deals are only available for a limited time. The deals have a clock timer above the "Buy" button counting down until the deal closes.

Q. Can I pay for the deal in cash?


  1. Only online payments are accepted at our website. You can choose any one payment method out of several methods mentioned on our website.
  2. You can buy the deal by paying the partial predecided amount for the deal on the website or the app, and making the remaining payment to the merchant for redeeming the voucher.
  3. The mode of payment for the remaining amount at the merchant’s end can be confirmed by calling the merchant prior to your visit.
Q. What happens after I buy?


  1. You will receive the voucher for the deal via SMS and Email on your registered Mobile Number and Email ID with redemption instructions.
  2. You can easily redeem the deal by showing the voucher to the shopkeeper from your phone or Email ID and mentioning the Mobile Number registered with us. No printout is required.

However, we suggest you to call and confirm about your offer status prior to your visit to the respective store for smooth redemption process.

Q. Where is my voucher?


  1. After your purchase, you will then receive your voucher via SMS and Email on your registered Mobile Number and Email ID.
  2. You can also find your voucher code in your Order History
Q. I've accidentally deleted my voucher?

Ans. If somehow you have deleted it, you can access it by clicking on the Deal Name/Order No. in Order History section of your Profile after logging in to your account.

Q. I am having problems purchasing – what can be done?

Ans. Please check all of the following which should resolve your issue, if you are still having problems, contact us:

  1. Make sure the card is registered to your name.
  2. If you are using the dealdaaku app or a mobile device, please check your connection.
  3. Try clearing your cache and cookies and make sure you are not using a bookmarked page.

Please note we only accept Visa, MasterCard and RuPay issued credit and debit cards.

Q. Can I buy a deal as a gift? (OTP will come to sender/ recipient?, voucher will go to recipient/sender?)


  1. Yes! You can give our vouchers as a gift to a friend. Our vouchers are Giftable (unless stated otherwise in the deal fineprint).
  2. Click on the ‘Gift this deal’ option, and fill in the details of the recipient of the deal including their Email Id and Mobile Number.
  3. After saving the recipient’s information, click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to make the partial payment of the deal on the website itself.
  4. You can now buy the deal by paying partial amount for the deal on the website or the app,
  5. Once this payment is made, the recipient of the gift deal will receive a voucher code with all the deal information, sender’s name, personal message (if any) and instructions to redeem the deal.
  6. The remaining payment has to be paid to the merchant for redeeming the voucher.
Q. I haven't received my voucher code-what to do?

Ans. Your voucher code is sent by SMS and Email to the Mobile Number and Email address used when registering your details with us. However, if somehow you still haven't received it, you can also find it by clicking on the Deal Name/Order No. in Order History section of your Profile after logging in to your account.

Q. My friend/family has not received my gift deal voucher?

Ans. The gift deal voucher is sent by SMS and Email to the recipients Mobile Number and Email ID as entered by the sender of the gift during check out.

However, we request you to kindly confirm this delivery of voucher SMS and EMAIL with the recipient (although we do not want to spoil the surprise). In case the recipient has received neither of them, the sender can share the voucher from their Order History section. Go to Profile>Order History>Click on the Deal name/Order No. and either share via WhatsApp or provide a printed copy to the recipient.

Q. Do I need to print my voucher?

Ans. You can easily redeem from your phone. No printout required.

Q. How many deals can I buy from dealdaaku?

Ans. You can buy as many deals (subject to availability) that you like from us. You will receive the vouchers for each deal separately in individual SMS and Emails on your registered Mobile number and Email Address.

Q. Can I buy a single deal in bulk quantity?

Ans. Yes, you can buy a single deal in multiple quantities by increasing the number in Quantity section available on Deal Detail page. However, the quantity for each deal is subject to availability from merchants end.

Q. Can I combine my voucher with other offers or specials?

Ans. No, not unless the voucher specifically states otherwise.

Q. Can I redeem a coupon multiple times?

Ans. dealdaaku has a wide variety of deals. We want you to try our each and every deal. Hence, each coupon can be redeemed only once.

Q.  When can I use my voucher?

Ans. All vouchers have an expiry date. The participating merchant may have other restrictions which will be set out both in the Fine Print before you buy a deal and on the voucher itself. Often it is necessary to make a reservation with the participating business to use your voucher.

Q. When will my coupon expire?

Ans. Every dealdaaku coupon has a different expiration date which will be clearly stated on the voucher. You need to use your coupon before that date for the merchant to be able to accept it. If you experience any difficulties when using the voucher, it's important to let us know well in advance of the expiration date.

Q. My voucher has expired. Can I get a refund?

Ans. Sadly no. Expiry dates are made very clear on the voucher itself, and they must be used before the expiry date passes.

Q. Can I return a voucher?

Ans. We, at dealdaaku, work really hard to make your each day remarkable. We would be really hurt if our hard work is not appreciated. Hence, we do not accept any voucher returns.

Q. I have a suggestion or feedback about your website. Who can I send it to? 

Ans. Click on the Feedback link on the footer of dealdaaku website to share your feedback or suggestion.

Payment Process 

Q. The website won't accept my payment, what to do?

Ans. If you can't get your payment to go through, and you're sure you've input all of your details correctly, it may be that your card provider has put a block on Internet transactions or that there's a problem with your card. You might want to try using a different credit or debit card.

Q. I'm not sure if my order went through, what to do?

Ans. Check your My Orders page to see if your order went through. If you still can’t find the dealdaaku voucher you’re looking for, try signing out and back in with any other email addresses you may have used (like your work email).

Q. I need a receipt for a service, where can I get it?

Ans. Only the merchant that provides the final service can produce an invoice. Please contact our merchant directly to request an invoice for the service provided.

Q. How safe is the dealdaaku payment process?

Ans. We use a third party payment processor called Atom Technologies Ltd. to handle all payment processes securely and efficiently. At no time is credit or debit card information stored on our servers

User Profile and Settings

Q. How can I access my account?

Ans. In order to access your account, visit the dealdaaku home page and click on "Sign In" at the top right-hand corner. Then enter your email address and password registered with us.

Q. I am unable to log in – Help!

Ans. Firstly make sure you have got a fully registered account on our website and are not just subscribed to our mailing list. Registering would have involved you choosing a password. If you are certain you have a registered account please reset your password.

If you do that and the site tells that you don't have an account it may be that there was an error in the email address when you bought. Please make sure you have tried all possible email accounts. If you need more help on this subject, please contact us or call on +91-9874563212

Q. What if I receive the message "email / password incorrect"?

Ans. If you receive the message "email / password incorrect", make sure that you are logging in with the email address that you used to register with dealdaaku. If you have verified that you are using the correct email address, the issue might be that your password is incorrect. You can reset your password by clicking on "Forgot Password". You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password. 

If you don't receive this email (check your spam folder), you most likely don't have a dealdaaku account. You might have subscribed to the Newsletter without having created an account. In this case, create an account by clicking on "Sign Up".

Q. I don’t like this default display picture; can I change it to something better?

Ans. You can change your display/ profile picture (also called avatar) to any image of your choice in few simple steps.

Once you log in, you will see your username in the top right corner of the screen: click on it and select ‘Profile’ from the drop down menu. You will be taken to the ‘Settings’ page, where you can upload a new avatar. You can either upload a file directly from your computer.

If, for any reason, you are unable to upload the image, you may try the following steps:

1. Make sure your browser has JavaScript enabled.
2. Try uploading a small-sized image. If it works, then problem was with the image size.
3. Log off. Clear off your complete cache and then log in. Try changing display picture now.
4. Try on a different browser.

Q. Can I change my registered email id?

Ans. Sorry, you cannot change your Email Id once registered with us.

Q. Can I change my registered mobile number?

Ans. Yes we do, however, allow you to change your registered Mobile Number. After logging in, check the top right corner of the page: go to ‘Your Name’ > Profile (from drop down menu); and you are taken to the ‘Settings’ page. Then retype your new Phone number in the box. You will need to verify the new Phone Number by entering the OTP sent to your new number.

.Q. How do I change my contact or card details?

Ans. You are able to amend your personal information at any time in the "Settings" section of your dealdaaku account.

However, we do not allow any amendment to your registered Email ID.

Q. Are there other ways in which I can receive deal alerts from dealdaaku?

Ans. We understand that you may be interested in certain types of deals more than other deals.

To set your preferences, go to My Preferences tab under Profile section. You will be taken to a page where you can add/delete your preferences, mode and frequency of deal alerts. Click on ‘Save Changes’ and you will now receive deal alerts customized as per your needs.

Also, you can change these preferences whenever you like.

Whatsapp Deal Alerts

We realize how much it hurts to miss truly good deals or coupons. So we have come up with a way to keep all our members updated about at least the unmissable offers of the day.

To unsubscribe WhatsApp deal alerts, use the Block feature in your WhatsApp settings.

Social Media Deal Alerts

We keep posting Deal alerts on our Social Media pages. In case you don’t want to receive alerts, unfollow dealdaaku to stop the alerts.

Email Newsletters

You can never miss on a deal if you subscribe to our Email Newsletters!

These newsletters not only contain offers/deals but also keep you updated with our Hot Blog topics and much more.

To Subscribe, enter your Email Id and click on the ‘Subscribe’ button at the footer of dealdaaku website. You will start hearing from us, immediately!

You can anytime unsubscribe by just clicking on the unsubscribe link provided in the Newsletters emailed to you.

Q. How do I unsubscribe from the daily emails?

Ans. An unsubscribe link can be found at the bottom of every daily deal email we send. Simply click the highlighted "Unsubscribe" link.

Problem With The Merchant

Q. I can't get in touch with the merchant, what to do?

Ans. Sometimes it can be difficult to reach a merchant after they’re featured. Make sure you're using the contact information listed in the redemption instructions on your Voucher.

If you’ve waited a while and are still having trouble, please contact us by clicking on "Contact Us". If you can provide your phone number and a few details about the problem, we'll reach out to the merchant to help and ask them to contact you directly.

Q. I can't get the appointment or reservation I want, what to do?

Ans. Sometimes after a deal is featured, certain dates may not be available due to high demand. This is why we advise you to book your appointment or your reservation as early as possible.

Q. I used my dealdaaku Coupon and had a bad experience, what to do?

Ans. We always want you to have a great experience using your Voucher. If you have a bad experience with a merchant, please let us know by either sharing your review on the deal page or clicking on the 'Contact Us’ button. We will investigate the issue and work to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Q. I’m not happy with the deal. What can I do?

Ans. All deals that appear on dealdaaku are vetted rigorously by a dedicated team to ensure that they are genuine offers from reliable merchants. Unfortunately sometimes things do get through that aren't up to the high standards that we set ourselves and we are continuously working on our processes and procedures to ensure that we continue to improve.

 In the first instance, your complaint should be addressed to the supplying merchant directly who should be able to answer any concerns that you may have. If you are unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion with the merchant please contact us and we will be able to look into any concerns you may have.

You can also review any deal or merchant by clicking on the Review button on the Deal page after logging in.

Q. My deal was canceled, what to do?

Ans. If you've been told by the merchant that they're no longer accepting Vouchers, we'll make sure you don't lose out. Often we'll be able to resolve the issue and the merchant will continue to run the deal, but if that doesn't happen we'll be able to refund you in your dealdaaku wallet. In either case, we recommend that you contact Member Support by clicking on "Contact Us" so that we have a record of the issue, just in case you're the first person to hear about it.

Q. The business won't accept my Voucher, what to do?

Ans. We always want you to have a great experience using your Voucher. That's why if a merchant refuses to accept your unredeemed Voucher which still has its expiry date due, we kindly ask you to get in touch with us by clicking on the "Contact Us" button so that we know about it and can fix the situation as early as possible.

Q. The merchant has no recollection of my booking, what to do?

Ans. Please contact Member Support by clicking on "Contact Us" and we'll do our best to resolve any miscommunication. Whatever happens, we'll make sure you don't lose out.

Q. The business is closed, what to do?

Ans. If the merchant has closed down, please let us know by clicking "Contact Us". Sometimes we'll be able to arrange for you to use your voucher with an alternative merchant, but you'll always have the option to refund the voucher instead if that's your preference. The amount will be refunded in your dealdaaku wallet. Whatever happens, we'll make sure you don't lose out on the money that you spent with us.

Q. How to report an appropriate behavior?

Ans. dealdaaku strives to partner with businesses that are well regarded in their community and conduct themselves in a professional manner. We do not tolerate any merchant who behaves inappropriately toward our customers. While the merchant is ultimately responsible for the quality of service and behavior of its employees, dealdaaku wants to be alerted to any potential issues regarding its merchants and encourages dealdaaku customers to contact our customer support team if such issues arise.

While using your dealdaaku, if you experience any merchant issues that make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, we ask that you:


Merchant Partnership and Jobs

Q. I am interested in a partnership. Whom to reach out to?

Ans. If you mean serious business, you may reach us at the following link:


You may also call us at: +91-9874563212 (service provider charges applicable)

Q. How can my company be featured on the dealdaaku's site?

Ans. If you are interested in partnering with dealdaaku to promote your products or services, please contact us via email at support@dealdaaku.com

Q. Do you guys have any job opportunities?

Ans. Since we are continuously expanding, we do keep hiring new talent from time to time. You may click on the following link to send us your resume. We will get in touch with you. Current job openings can also be seen here.


Customer Support

Q. I still have a question, how can I contact a customer support agent?

Ans. You can contact us Mondays to Sundays 11:00 am to 07:00 pm at +91-9874563212 or via email at support@dealdaaku.com. We are more than happy to assist you with any of your questions.

Q. What kind of Customer Service do you offer?

Ans. Our ecommerce consultants are here to answer your questions. In addition to Phone support (service provider rates applicable), you can contact our consultants via WhatsApp or Email.







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